My career began as a web designer. I shifted my career into the world of CG when I started to work as a motion designer. Then I worked as a 3D artist with a focus on fluid dynamics and VFX. After this, I worked closely with developers to build systems that drove production for a multi-million dollar online tutorial e-learning company. Then, I tapped into my passion for writing when I lead a content marketing team. Currently, I’m working at Nifty Creative.

I’ve been fortunate to have a wide range of experiences throughout my career. Because of this unique set of experiences, I have extensive knowledge of creative industries with the ability to speak to those audiences in various formats. Check out some of my work below.

Over the years, I’ve written, ghostwritten, or been the copy editor for thousands of articles.

Instead of listing them all here I just have a small sample of articles to show some of the variety of roles I’ve had.

As of September 2016, Pluralsight announced they will no longer be updating the creative content formerly known as Digital-Tutors. That’s why I’ve included screenshots of those articles. If you’d like to see more, just let me know.

Understanding RealFlow solvers | Screenshot

Role: Research, writing, graphics

Behind One Pixel Brush series

  1. Origins | Screenshot
  2. The business side | Screenshot
  3. How to create high-end concept art | Screenshot

Role: Interviews, research, writing, final graphics (the artist gave me high resolution graphics that I edited for the final articles)

Photo manipulation pipeline tutorial series

  1. Matching a 3D camera to a photo | Screenshot
  2. Modeling destruction in Maya and RealFlow | Screenshot
  3. Final compositing | Screenshot

Role: Research, 3D destruction, writing, most graphics (our art director helped significantly with the final result with feedback, color correction and plenty of his own tweaks)

Community vote: 5 best store-bought desktops for creatives | Screenshot

Role: Community survey, research, writing, graphics

Evolving the Pluralsight identity – the story behind our new look

Role: Interviews, research, writing, final graphics (I generated the final graphics for the blog from original assets given to me)

Create a meteor VFX shot (3D World, PDF)

Role: Research, writing. This article is based on a video tutorial I did for Digital-Tutors.

Branded content includes everything from white papers, nurture campaigns, social media, ad copy and more. Below are a few example of projects I’ve either helped write or worked as an editor for the copywriters.

White paper: 6 essential qualities new hires should have (PDF)

Role: Editor

White paper: Encouraging a learning environment in your studio (PDF)

Role: Writer

Social media: Pluralsight cookbook (Blog, social campaign)

Role: Writer (creative portions)

White paper: Top trends for 2016 (PDF)

Role: Data research, writer

White paper: Demo reel tips (PDF)

Role: Writer

For almost a year, Brian Collins and I hosted a weekly podcast of our own initiative. During the run of the podcast, Brian and I tag-teamed on hosting, scheduling and coordinating interviews, research and strategy for the interviews. He and I also did much of the audio editing in Audition to create the final podcast audio.

Here’s a sample of the episodes to show some of the various roles I performed. Recently, I noticed that Pluralsight archived the podcast over here.

Episode 9: Shaddy Safadi from One Pixel Brush

Role: Coordinating interview, scheduling, research and, of course, conducting interview

Episode 20: Jayse Hansen from Cantina Creative

Role: Research and, of course, conducting interview

Episode 25: Patrick Lin from Pixar

Role: Research, final podcast audio editing and, of course, conducting interview

Episode 28: Grant S. Wilson and Mike Richie from Rather Dashing Games

Role: Coordinating interview, scheduling, research, final podcast audio editing and, of course, conducting interview

Episode 30: Jorge Gutierrez from Reel FX

Role: Research, rough audio edits (final polish done by another co-worker) and, of course, conducting interview

Episode 36: Nordin Rahhali from Method Studios

Role: Research, final podcast audio editing and, of course, conducting interview

Episode 44: Jon Massey from FuseFX

Role: Research and, of course, conducting interview

I am currently running the Based on a True Story podcast. You can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, or whatever your favorite podcast app may be. The show is a one-man gig with episodes released weekly. I do all of the research, writing, recording, editing, website, marketing, etc. In the first year, the Based on a True Story podcast has reached a global audience across over 140 different countries (about 70% of the world). To get an idea for the show, here are a few samples:

Episode 15: Apollo 13

Role: Everything

Episode 35: Titanic

Role: Everything

Episode 58: Schindler’s List

Role: Everything

Breakdown of the passes used in the E-3 crash shot.

By no means an extensive listing, but here’s a sample selection of interviews I’ve performed. This doesn’t include the nearly a year’s worth of weekly interviews I performed as part of the PixelHub podcast.

Behind the scenes of One Pixel Brush series

  1. Behind Pixel Brush: Origins
  2. Behind Pixel Brush: The business side
  3. Behind Pixel Brush: How to make high-end concept art

Role: Research, phone interview, writing, final blog graphics (from original artwork given to me by Shaddy)

Dragon Age: Inquisition artist interviews

  1. The character art of Dragon Age: Inquisition
  2. Making the character art of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Role: Research, separate email-based interviews, editorial changes, final blog graphics (from original artwork given to me by Patrik and Rion)

Behind the scenes of Hearts of Iron 4

Role: Research, two separate interviews (Skype interview with Joakim and Mats and an in-person interview at GDC with Anna), writing, final blog graphics (from original artwork given to me by Joakim and Mats)