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  1. Nah, she didn't move into the castle until she married the prince at the end of the story when she got legs (and moved to land).

  2. +Dan LeFebvre Oh OK didn't she have a mermaid castle though? I haven't seen i since it was in the theater and my dad dragged me to it. lol

  3. Yeah, sort of….but I'd imagine that'd be a little more expensive to build.  :)

  4. How do you know it isn't there, at the bottom of the lagoon? Have you gone under water to see it? :)

  5. I guess I just don't have faith that Disney would spend that much money to build something that they couldn't make money on.  :)

  6. +Phil Nolan she did have a mermaid castle, most famous on the original original vhs release box for a pillar's likeness to human anatomy

  7. Technically you're right +Chris Johnston, although I figured most people would recognize the term "Ariel" in connection with Disney than "Prince Eric".

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