danlefeb at gmail dot com

Hi, I'm Dan LeFebvre.

I work with culture expert Piyush Patel.

After growing Digital-Tutors into an industry standard with customers like Disney, Pixar, NASA, and more, Piyush sold his company in 2014. Today, I’m part of a small team helping him transform corporate cultures. My role is primarily content marketing and web development.

Oh, and I also help out with a small winery called Conclusion Wines. Learn more about that here.

In the evenings and weekends, I create a bi-weekly podcast.

My award-winning podcast is about a year old and already has cracked the top 50 for iTunes TV & Film podcasts and has almost a million downloads across over 70% of the countries in the world.

I also create video tutorials.

My tutorials have hundreds of thousands of students around the world and have been featured on top online training sites such as Digital-Tutors, Udemy, Pluralsight, Experts Exchange and Skillshare.

How can I help you?